Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Card Tricks

I have recently realized that there is a disturbing new trend going on. Recently I have started really looking closely at my credit card receipts as I sign them and I have been noticing a difference between the copy the merchant keeps and the copy I keep. At least three times in the last week I have noticed that my full card number AND expiration date is printed out on the copy the store keeps!! My copy thoughtfully has all the numbers except for the last four x-ed out. What is going on here? So I have either been giving back "my" copy or crossing out all the numbers except for the last four on "their" copy. It's exhausting having to check up on Big Brother. If we can't trust our friends at MasterCard, who can we trust?


Hilary said...

This is my dad's favorite complaint ever. He always double checks his receipts! Turns out, it's the store's mistake...they set the machine up incorrectly, so next time you notice it, say something to the manager. (Not that most of them care.)

david said...
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