Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Coming Soon To a Backyard Near You.......Winter!!!

It's happening again here.  "Winter" is coming and is scaring the #$*!@ out of the natives.  I was talking with a friend of mine on the phone this morning and she was telling me that she was considering having a party in her backyard for her daughter's birthday at the end of November.  "Do you think it will be too cold?" she asked me.  "No," I said, "it will be great--they're kids--they'll be moving around and they can bring a sweatshirt if they want to. "  "But I looked up the average temperature at the end of November, " she said, "and it said it could be 71."  I was sure I had misheard her.  "71?" I asked.  "Yes, 71 degrees," she answered.  "71!!" I said, "that's perfect--it will be great."  "But 71 is cold for LA," she said.  "Do you hear yourself?"  I asked her.  "71 is great--they can bring a sweatshirt," I said again.  "Maybe I can rent heat lamps," she continued.  Huh?  Every time I start to feel sort of normal here something like this happens.  I am already wearing long sleeves most days because even though it is 80 degrees most days it is already the end of October.  I'm done with summer.  I've moved on to fall.  I'm ready for some cool crisp days.  Bring on those 71 degree late fall and winter days--I've got my scarves and Uggs all ready.  

Monday, October 27, 2008

Twilight Zone, Anyone?

I was talking to my mom today and she mentioned that she had been at her health club last week and was reading an article in an Oprah magazine that she found on a coffee table there.  She told me that she hadn't finished the article and was going to take the magazine home, finish the article, and return the magazine to the health club.  But she forgot to take it home.  So today she was relieved to find the magazine still there.  Imagine her surprise when she picked it up, looked at the address label, and found that it was addressed to me!!!!  (Insert Twilight Zone music here).
Yes, very spooky.  I haven't been in Chicago since the middle of August--but I was there most of the summer, and I had my mail forwarded there using a forwarding service provided by the Post Office--gotta have my mags! And my bills. :(  My mom said she must have brought some of my magazines down there and given them to the ladies who work at the health club and somehow this one found its way back to her!!  
And to think she didn't rip off the address label before she brought the magazine down there--shocking.  After all, who do you think taught me to do that?  

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Scariest Halloween Costume Ever!!!!

I could use a new wardrobe.
I would like to fly my kids all over the country with me and not pay for it.
I'm not exactly sure what the Vice President's job is.
I can talk a lot and not say anything when I want to.
I am good at name-calling.
I can see the moon from my house.
I can do that Midwestern "dontcha know you betcha" stuff too.
I think I'll run for Vice President.
I forgot.