Sunday, October 23, 2005

It's an epidemic...

My brother just called He is missing his prescription sunglasses. He wants me to keep my eyes open for them around my house. Is it an epidemic? Is this some hellish curse I have brought upon my entire family? What does it all mean? Maybe it's time for Lasik...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

More glasses problems....

As you may recall, I lost my prescription sunglasses a while ago. I finally got myself over to the eye doctor, got a new prescription, and after endless hours in the glasses store, with my friend to help, and several second, third, and fourth opinions from store employees, I selected a new pair of sunglasses and a new pair of regular glasses. I especially liked the regular glasses. They are designer, not my usual 2 for $99 kind of glasses, and a bit hip and funky. Think dark, think Charlotte from Sex and the City, oh, heck, think Prada. So I pick up the glasses and I love them. Everyone notices them and compliments me, my mahjong group, moms from school, my friends. Even Boy #1, who notices everything, likes them. Everyone likes them. Everyone except.....Mr. Minivan. "I hate them," he says. "They overpower your face. I like your old ones." "I paid over $300 for them, and I like them," I said. "You'll get used to them," I told him.

I wore them for three days and noticed that not only were my eyes watering a bit, but I was dizzy. The kind of dizzy that you expect when you've had a few drinks, NOT a few Diet Cokes with Lime. My mind went a little crazy. I tried to remember all the medical conditions that would cause dizziness. Mr. Minivan told me I was nuts. "So you assume right away it's a dire medical problem, huh? Maybe it's your new prescription." As much as I hate to admit it, he could be right. So today I went back to the eye doctor to have the glasses checked. He told me he had underprescribed or overprescribed or something like that--hoping to get my vision a "little crisper." He told me he would adjust the prescription closer to my old prescription because that little bit of crispness was apparently making me a bit woozy. Also told me something about the base curve and a face wrap--for the glasses, not me. I have it all written down. Tomorrow I will go back to the glasses place and have them remake the lenses.

Unfortunately for Mr. Minivan, I'm keeping the frames.....

Guest Blogger: Boy #1!!!

Mrs. Minivan can't think of anything so she's having ME write so she won't look bad. Since I'm blogging I will write about what the public wants, and what the public wants is..........A CHICAGO TITLE!!!!!! Most people, including myself, are Cubs fans in Illinois. Even though I'm a Cubs fan I want a professional sports title in Illinois, and that's why I'm offering my support to the White Sox by going to Game #1 of the World Series!!!

This is all I have to say until I blog again so I bid you adieu!

Boy #1

Friday, October 07, 2005

No, I have NOT gone into the Witness Protection Program!

Bad case of writer's blog here. No excuses. I'll be back soon.