Tuesday, August 16, 2005

How do you misplace a minivan?

I have to admit that lately I have been having a little problem. I've been misplacing things. Some I've even "misplaced" permanently, I fear. Two weeks ago, I misplaced my keys at a friend's birthday party, which necessitated a frantic midnight search before the keys were finally found in a closet next to the stereo system. Huh? Then, two days later, I lost my prescription sunglasses somewhere between a giant sports bar/restaurant Boy #2 has been desperate to go to for months, and home. I had them when we were leaving the restaurant. I know that because they fell on the floor when we were walking out (talk about foreshadowing!) and I picked them up. But the next morning when I went walking with friends at 7 AM, I could not find them. And since then, I have searched and searched both my house and car repeatedly and called the restaurant so many times they said "Oh, it's you again" the last time I called. All searches have turned up nothing. I have finally accepted defeat and have made an appointment with my eye doctor for a check-up. It's probably time, anyway. I know, I know, I will find the glasses as soon as I order new ones. Don't remind me.

But last night was the icing on the cake of my descent into absent-mindedness. Boy #1 and I met some friends for dinner at a local restaurant in town. Boy #2 was at a friend's house, and Mr. Minivan was working late, so we ventured out. After dinner, when we walked out, I had no memory of where I had parked. As I stared out onto the familiar street, I couldn't even remember which stores I had passed on my way to the restaurant. I walked across the street to a parking lot down the block, pressing my remote and hoping to hear the beep-beep I know so well. Nothing. I went back into the restaurant ready to ask my friends to drive me around in search of my missing minivan. Suddenly it all came flooding back to me--I had parked around the corner, across from Borders. The crisis was over. As I got closer to the car, I realized why I had misplaced it. As I had gotten out of the car and walked toward the restaurant I had been talking to a friend on my cell phone and had no memory of the route I had taken to the restaurant. (Right now my mother and my aunt are getting ready to pick up the phone to lecture me on the dangers of mixing cell phones and driving--OK, OK you're right!!!)

At least I know why I misplaced my minivan. And at least I found it. The sunglasses are another story. I'm going to go call the sports bar just one last time now....

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Crankyboy said...

A gripping tale. When does the movie come out?