Monday, August 22, 2005

Never Marry a Baker

Mr. Minivan, Boys #1 and 2, and I went into the city to Mr. Minivan's office yesterday. He had to do a little business, and we tagged along. After we left his office we walked around the neighborhood in search of food. Mr. Minivan remembered a NY-style pizza place that one of his employees had discovered. The pizza at Santullo's was thin, NY-esque, and delicious. It was so NY I could almost see graffiti appearing on the buildings across the street. After pizza and a salad, we decided we needed just a little taste of something sweet to finish off the night properly. We walked into
Sweet Thang , a charming little French patisserie with the most delicious tarts and other goodies. Boy #2 said his lemon tart was "one of the best desserts I've ever had." He may have meant "that day", but a compliment is a compliment. I asked the young woman with the French accent who was serving us if she was the baker and she said she was his wife. I had to ask. "When you start dating a baker, how much weight do you gain?" "Probably double where you start," was the shocking answer, "and then you lose it." Sounds like fun on the upside, no?


The Big Squay said...

Which Baker do you mean?

Chet Baker, Russell Baker, The Baker Bros, Anita Baker, Mt Baker, Mary Baker Eddy, Josephine Baker, Baker St,, Vin Baker, Bakelite, Dusty Baker, Ellen Baker, Ginger Baker, Shorty Baker or James Baker?

Sometimes I can't really follow what this person is saying? Does anyone else feel the same way?

Crankyboy said...

the curmudgeon only smiles at lunchtime will check Santullo's out.

Crankyboy said...

I forgot "who"

See above