Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don't They Have People to Shop for Them?

The streets here.....are littered. With celebrities. I'm starting to think they're stalking ME. I can't even do the most mundane task anymore without bumping into one. Today, after a school yearbook meeting and many, many errands....returning library books, picking up dry cleaning, returning the pack of card stock that wasn't used when Boy #1 made campaign buttons for his student council run, making a quick drugstore run, and so much more, I stopped by the grocery store that sells the best grapes. And the best watermelon. And where Sidney Poitier and I like to buy our apples. I was buying a few impulse items when I saw a woman who looked like Reba McEntire. Only smaller. I glanced at her and then away and she disappeared. I finished shopping and got into a checkout line. I couldn't see who was checking out in front of me at first because of the way the checkout station is configured. When I could see the customer ahead of me I saw that it was indeed Reba McEntire. The clerk asked her if she wanted help out to her car and she said "No, that's OK." I saw my opening. "We don't need help there," I said. "We need help at home putting it away. We need help unloading our dishwashers and putting our laundry away." My new friend Reba chuckled, "That's right," she said, "Come and help us at home." We're just two women laughing together about all the stuff we have to do. As if SHE doesn't have people to do that stuff. Maybe she doesn't. After all, she WAS buying her own groceries. And she did return her shopping cart to the cart corral after she loaded the grocery bags into her car. Reba and I have so much in common. We speak the same language. Dishwashers, laundry, groceries. If only my friend Sidney had been there.


Hilary said...

How is it possible that we live no more than 10 minutes from each other, yet the only celebrities (word I'm using loosely here) I ever run into are Danny Bonaduce, Richard Simmons, Bobby Trendy, and Angeline?

And you aren't a true Angeleno until you've seen Angeline in the produce department. :)

Martwork said...

I'm on a hot streak right now, I admit. Maybe it's the grocery store. Shopping for yourself is the new black, I guess. Who is Angeline???

Hilary said...

I'm so embarrassed, I spelled her name wrong. It's Angelyne. As to who she is, I'm not sure exactly what she's famous for, other than being on billboards. She's about 100 year old, has an annoying runt dog, has had too much plastic surgery, wears only pink, drives a pink Corvette, and has entirely too large boobs. Oh, she shops at Pavilions in West Hollywood. And she um, ran for governor in the last election. You know, when Gary Coleman and the Terminator ran.

Seriously. Google her, but be warned...she's scary.

suzi finer said...

very enjoyable...I'm linking you up!