Monday, March 24, 2008

More Lunatic Parents

Boy #2 was invited to a sleepover birthday party over the weekend. (I made the mistake of saying it was a slumber party and was quickly corrected.) The party was to start at 2 PM with the 6 guests meeting at the birthday boy's apartment. Then they were going to go to a movie, then back to the apartment for dinner and birthday festivities. We were asked to bring a sleeping bag if we had one. It seemed clear to me that the boys were going to actually sleep. After all, it was a SLEEPover. But I never counted on these lunatic parents. When Mr. Minivan got back at 11 the next morning with a zombie-like Boy #2 and told me the boys hadn't slept all night I couldn't believe my ears. The kids apparently took a vote and decided to stay up all night. And these moronic parents let them. More idiots. Or is it moronic idiots? No, that's redundant. So I cancelled my plans for the day and Boy # 2 dragged himself upstairs and slept for 5 hours til I woke him. I guess it could have been worse. The boys could have taken a vote and decided to jump out of the windows to see if they could fly.


Anonymous said...

You only have to notify the parents if there's

a. vomiting
b. a freakout (i.e. a child must go home)
c. any injury that involves a successful emergency room visit. (negative X-Rays don't count)

Voting to stay up all night is well within the rules and does not require parental approval. (Jumping out of the window is okay though it may violate rules a,b and c.

auntieb said...

Oh Mom--I had so much fun--we stayed up all night!! The First time in my life that I did that!!It was great!! UhOh--here comes mom with a big pin to burst my balloon!!!

Mom--weren't you ever young???