Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Mile High Club

No, no--it's not what you're thinking--Mr. Minivan is on an American Airlines flight RIGHT NOW (OK, American, you don't totally suck) to New York and he is emailing me from the air!!!! Yep, now we can be connected and contacted and stressed out ALL the time, even 35,000 feet up. Or...maybe it's the best idea ever--you can surf the net and play addicting online games and blog (!!) even in the air. I know I will love it--what do YOU think of this new cyberdevelopment?

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Beth said...

My first reaction was, "Ugh. Now employers will expect everyone to work when they travel."

Granted, people worked before, clicking away at laptops while keeping their elbows glued to their sides.

But we're all far too connected for my taste. I think it was cool that the only way to be in contact with someone from an airplane was from those God-awful airphones that cost eleventymillion dollars a second and rendered the person on the other end barely audible.

As it is, I'm trying to shut down my computer earlier in the evening. I've allowed myself to become too tethered to these boxes.