Sunday, January 22, 2006

My house is mad at me

It would appear that my house does not want me to leave it. How else can I explain what I encountered last night? I went into my laundry room to do yet another load of laundry and found the cabinet that hangs above my washer and dryer had jumped off the wall and was lying on top of the washer and dryer! You know that cabinet--the one that holds the bleach, refill bottles of Windex and Fantastick, vacuum cleaner bags, and other laundry room essentials. It seems a little coincidental to me that, after being bolted to the wall just fine for at least the 12 and a half years that we have lived in this house (and probably many more years previous to that), it would just topple off the wall the night before our realtor had scheduled an open house. Don't you agree? I can't take this kind of stress. If this is what my house will do to show me how upset it is, what will my friends and family do?


Mr. Minivan said...

Your house for some reason has it out for you, but not as much as other people have it out for me.

Anonymous said...

I still like you mr. mininvan. my mr. minivan did the same thing to me and we survived...actually we did great! I wish you all the best. remember me when you are rich and famous!

Anonymous said...