Saturday, March 04, 2006

We're here.......

Several hundred boxes, many tears, a lot of dinners out, and many good-byes later, we are in La-La Land. It's beautiful here but a bit strange. These people are freaked out by rain. It was raining the day we went to register the boys at their new school. At 10 in the morning there was a flurry of activity in the office. Several teachers came in to tell the administrator that it was raining and that "we might have to go to the rainy day schedule." An announcement to that effect was made, and I asked what the rainy day schedule was. "Well, the kids don't go outside and they have recess and gym inside." Kind of what is called "indoor recess" at our school back home, where that decision is made 10 minutes before lunch, I guess. And then a little while later the rain stopped and there was yet another big discussion on whether to go off the "rainy day schedule." I also heard a woman on a cell phone at the grocery store assure someone that she was, indeed, "warm and dry." These Californians are very fragile, it seems.

At another grocery store I was behind a woman at the deli counter and she asked to see the ingredients in the turkey. I remember hoping it was an allergy-related request. Then in the produce department I noticed that California-grown avocados were $2.89 each. I asked the produce guy why I paid 99 cents for them in Illinois and they were more than double that in the state where they were grown. "Because this is where all the rich people live," he answered. I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore.

I've had no celebrity sightings yet. I think I will start drinking coffee because it seems that coffee shops are a sure bet for celebrity sightings. Just look thru any issue of People magazine. That, along with unpacking the hundreds of boxes, will be my project for next week.


Crankybro said...

Any sightings of Mr. Minivan yet?

The Big Squay said...

The move seems very traumatic. I have a few suggestions that may help you out:

1. Drinking. After the children go to school, you can decide whether you want to drink at home or head downtown to some seedy bar (I'm sure there's a bar that's open at 8am for washed up actors.

2. A Pet. We've been through the dog thing so I'm thinking smaller: male and female mice, ferret or something indigenous to LA like a coyote.

3. Acting out. Buy a car that has more than 500 horses. Drive fast. Make new dangerous friends. Take up BASE jumping (google BASE). Start brush fires.

4. Seismic activities. Now that you're on the intersection of three fault lines, I'm wondering if you can drill down (through the basement) far enough to "stimulate" a seismic tickle.

5. Heavy Metal. There's no better activity to meet your neighbors, local government and law enforcement than to start an overnight heavy metal marathon. (A 24 hour truck stop in the back yard achieves the same effect.)

I can hardly wait to come to LA especially to see Don Knotts (The Amazing Mister Limpet was a triumph).

Crankybro said...

I think you missed Don Knotts