Friday, April 27, 2007

Did You Know That I...

1. Love Christmas music.
2. Had a crush on Cubs 3rd baseman Ron Santo way back when.
3. Hate the smell of lilies.
4. Once ate 4 Krispy Kremes on the way home from Krispy Kreme.
5. Rip the address labels off my magazines before I get rid of them.
6. Love the sound of rain.
7. Once threw one of my brothers against a wall.
8. Stuck a raisin up my nose as a child.
9. Can spell "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" very quickly.
10. Listen to talk radio.
11. Hate coffee and wish I didn't.
12. Have a triple-pierced ear.
13. Love to read in the tub.
14. Love to work lines from movies into conversation--i.e. "I'll have what she's having." Usually I'm the only one who's amused.
15. Won the First Baby of the Year contest from a neighborhood newspaper when I was born.
16. Have very thin fingers and earlobes.
17. Sometimes fall into my computer and can't get out.
18. Used to alphabetize my record albums.
19. Love the idea of being a minimalist but know it's not for me.
20. Have 20-something bottles of hair stuff in my shower.
21. Would rather someone pick up the phone and say thank you than send a note.
22. Have not printed out a digital photo in years.
23. Have a giant box of recipes I have pulled out of magazines and the internet. I know I'll never try them but I just can't get rid of them.
24. Love to sleep in flannel pants and a long-sleeved tee that is so soft and so old that it has holes in it. Mr. Minivan hates this outfit but it is so cozy.....
25. Have 9 or 10 pairs of flip-flops.
26. Love love love trashy novels. Especially the ones with one-word titles. Like--"Deceptions", "Irrational," "Suspicions." Stuff like that. Pretend to be into the book club books but love the beach reads.
27. Hate when people misuse "I" and "me"--it actually hurts my ears.
28. Don't mind folding laundry but hate putting it away.
29. Once tried out for "Wheel of Fortune."
30. Hate crowds.
31. Find it very difficult to do nothing.
32. Find it even harder to do only one thing at a time.
33. Have no hair on my arms and almost never have to shave my legs.
34. Love a free refill.
35. Love Swedish Fish and Raisinets. But not together.
36. Drink too much Diet Cherry Coke.
37. Love sharing food at restaurants.
38. Sadly, have watched every season of "The Bachelor."
39. Think my favorite part of exercising is when you stop.
40. Used to love "Bewitched," "Love, American Style," "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", ""The Carol Burnett Show," "Petticoat Junction," The Brady Bunch", and "Rhoda."
41. Love pepperoni pizza but will not order it.
42. In college, wanted to leave a Bruce Springsteen concert during the last song to beat the traffic.
43. Asked my friends at the same concert, why the audience was booing him. They told me--"They're not saying "Booooooooo", they're saying "Bruuuuuuuuuuuce."
44. Am really into hamburgers right now.
45. Am usually prepared for everything. You need a tweezer, an aspirin, dental floss, a magazine, I'm your girl.
46. Think 50 doesn't seem so old anymore.
47. Am searching for the best cupcake in L.A. Thus, the exercise.
48. Hate roller coasters.
49. Love the previews at movies. Especially love when there are so many that I forget what movie I came to see.
50. Love making lists.


Anonymous said...

that's why I love ya!

Anonymous said...

Did You Know That You ... Have Too Much Time On Your Hands ... But This List Was Very Entertaining!!!

Ellen said...

Actually, I did know most of those things. You are definitely my person!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The best cupcakes in LA come out of my oven. Come over and I will cheerfully prove it to you. :)


Anonymous said...

WR. one of your best, now I know almost all your secrets. SWAK

Crankyboy said...

As for number 7 - the lawsuit is being prepared.

Anonymous said...

the best ever; AND, OF COURSE, I have always been aware of most of them!

Anonymous said...

MR - Sounds like a personals add
Sorry mr. minivan

Anonymous said...

Rachel from Chicago gave me your blog and I absolutely LOVE it! We moved from New Orleans to Boulder and it's almost been a year, so I've enjoyed your perspective. Your list was hilarious...I get it! -- Patti (Rachel can tell you our connection)

Anonymous said...

1. yes 2. no 3. yes 4. no, but I'm not surprised 5. yes 6. yes 7. yes, but he deserved it 8. no 9. yes 10. yes 11. YES! 12. yes 13. yes 14. yes 15.yes 16. yes 17 Obvioiusly 18 yes, I still do 19yes 20 not surprised 21 yes. Thank you. 22.ever? 23. Who doesn't? 24.hmmmm 25.only? 26. yes. 27. I, too. 28. yes. 29. yes. 30. yes. 31. Really? 32 -50. Yes.

Martwork said...

you all think you are so clever, don't you? Just wait for the next list.....