Monday, August 18, 2008

I Love the Sound of Helicopters in the Morning

When you're at home with the TV on in the background and you hear something that sounds like "if you surrender now blah blah blah....." you know that something might not be right.  Especially if you're watching the Food Network.  And even more especially if you hear a helicopter circling over your house.  I made sure all the doors were locked and called my friends at the police department.  The non-emergency number, of course.  "Is there something going on?" I asked.  "Yes, we're looking for some burglary suspects," I was told.  I decided to stay inside for a while.    I listened to the helicopter for about another half an hour.  Then there was silence.  I called my police pals again.  "Did we get the bad guys?" I asked.  "No," I was told.  "The helicopter is gone but now we're searching with dogs."  Good to know.  I have some laundry to do anyhow.  I'll be back with any updates.  

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Steve said...

When will you be on Cops?