Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rocker Boy

Last winter the boys received Guitar Hero as a present.  They immediately became obsessed with it and spent lots of time practicing the game.  Boy #2 soon started begging for guitar lessons.  He started taking guitar maybe in January or February, and after the second lesson or so, his teacher--a REAL professional guitar player who has played with many many bands told us that Boy #2 was really good at guitar--that he was doing things that people who've been playing six months can't do.  Of course, I believed him....I'm sure he doesn't say that to ALL the parents.  Or does he?  Boy #2 has been getting better and better and practices all the time.  I've already informed him there are to be no tattoos in his future.  Can you be a rocker and have a 9:00 bedtime?  I wonder.......    And to think we owe it all to Guitar Hero......  In this clip--my first effort after an iMovie workshop at the Apple Store today--I present.....Boy #2, future rocker.


your person said...

Wow he is not going to be able to keep the girls away. Sorry Mrs. Minivan mom's do not get to go on tour with their rock stars.

Anonymous said...

Truly awesome.